The Benefits of a Modern WMS for an E-commerce Businesses

Managing an e-commerce platform is a complex and challenging task. One critical aspect is handling inventory. Having a huge number of stocks with thousands of variants requires a modern solution that reduces man power.

With the changing dynamics and evolving technology, 3PL warehouse management systems come into play. A modern, cloud-based WMS offers advanced control over inventory. It is an ideal choice for companies seeking improvements in labor, time, space, raw materials, and operating capital making it a versatile 3PL warehouse management tool.

Global supply chains, including e-commerce, retail, consumer goods, and third-party logistics (3PL) companies, can improve customer service with quick delivery due to this advanced 3PL warehouse management software. Regardless of the source, receipt, or return location of products.

As these businesses continuously face challenges like competition, labor shortages, rising costs, and high volumes. Collaborating warehouse operations with a web-based WMS software can help reduce these challenges. 

A modern warehouse management system automates several manual tasks, making it a highly efficient third-party logistics solution. These operations include selecting, picking, and packing orders that are important for 3PL warehouse management. Automating these steps reduces human errors thus brings efficiencies in the entire process.

Below we share some of the benefits of using a web-based WMS software for an e-commerce platform.

Real-Time Stock Control

A modern warehouse management system, such as the 3PLNext connects with your e-commerce store. In this way, you can keep your stock updated at all times and prevent customers from ordering out-of-stock items. This leads to reduced inventory errors, greater accuracy, faster movements, quicker deliveries, and enhanced customer trust. 

When a customer adds an item or submits a request to their cart, the web-based WMS software comes into action. It monitors the entire process, from order placement to packing and shipping. Hence, third-party logistics software ensures an efficient and hassle-free experience for both customers and e-commerce businesses.

Efficient Retail Inventory

Managing inventory is one of the tricky parts when running a retail operation. At the same point, it’s a crucial part of success, especially for third-party logistics software. It’s like a balancing act where you try to store a sufficient number of products in stock.

Having little stock means messages like: ‘product unavailable,’ which means losing potential customers. On the other hand, having too much stock leads to issues like products going bad or becoming obsolete.

Maintaining sufficient amount of inventory ensures that potential customers get what they want whenever they plan to proceed with an order.

A modern warehouse management system maintains accurate inventory counts and is especially useful for 3PL warehouses. It equips you with modern features and functionalities to have an error-free view of your e-commerce platform’s stock levels. 

Automation plays an important role making it a valuable 3PL warehouse management software. It updates the inventory count and ensures that your stock level is accurate in real-time, offering the benefits of cloud warehouse management.

Likewise, many modern warehouse management systems, such as web-based WMS software, often keep history records. This helps you monitor SKU velocity and make better decisions about future demands.

Hence, the advanced order analytic system of WMS enables you to:

  • Find out which orders are still in transit.
  • Know the states where you have sent most packages.
  • Check past stock levels anytime you want.
  • See how much stock you currently have.
  • Find out how many days until a product runs out.
  • Restock orders based on available items.
  • Learn about average cart values and shipping expenses.
  • Organize orders sent to global warehouses or distributors.

Scalable E-commerce Growth

A modern WMS offers the scalability needed for the growth of an e-commerce business. Now, you can easily expand to multiple warehouse locations meet customers’ demands. 

Further, if you want to sell new products, the system of web-based WMS Software can handle them without problems. Even during peak season and promotions, the cloud warehouse management system takes your higher order volumes. 

In a parallel manner, this automated system helps businesses scale up their operations and seize new opportunities. Hence maintaining the management systems and supporting long-term success effectively.

Investing in technology has helped all aspects of business operations, opting for a cloud-based WMS like 3PLNext is always a smart choice. The system not only manages internal operations, it also integrates with other system and gives 24/7 support for any hurdles coming across.

The 3PLNext WMS system reduces errors, improves order efficiency and saves cost. Also, help in managing the inventory as per the demand. 

In short, a cloud-based WMS saves costs by: 

  • Making fewer errors.
  • Simplifying complicated tasks with templates. 
  • Efficiently utilize working hours
  • Avoiding problems like losing inventory or running out of stock. 
  • Brings all your data at in one place.

Streamlining Manual Inventory

Using manual methods and hand-filled spreadsheets to manage the inventory is often a challenging task. You might need more stock to fulfill orders or could have excess capital tied up in inventory that isn’t being used. This complexity increases when you add more selling channels. As it becomes unmanageable to update stock manually on a larger scale. 

On the other hand, the 3PLNext warehouse management system offers valuable benefits for streamlined inventory management. It allows digital reception of purchase orders and utilizes mobile scanners for quick and efficient inventory checks. This enhances the speed of the ordering process and minimizes the error ratio.  

Moreover, the system stores and relocates inventory without the risk of items getting lost using point-to-point moves through scanning. Furthermore, as orders progress through the pick phase, the system provides real-time stock tracking. It enables you to maintain an up-to-date record of the total available stock vs physical stock on hand. 

These features of Third-party logistics software make inventory management more efficient. 

Optimizing Warehouse Productivity

The 3PLNext platform help you manage human resources in an inefficient manner, helping them to work smart and make the most out of every day. The system also tracks progress through the reporting & real-time productivity dashboard. 

This valuable data provides actionable insights to make informed decisions. It also offers user-friendly tools to maximize your team’s productivity in the e-commerce warehouse.   

For enhanced efficiency, the 3PL Software mobile App works great. It helps manage tasks like receiving, picking, packing, quality control, and cycle counting. This reduces travel times, increases picks per hour, boosts team morale, and minimizes errors.


In the ever-changing world of e-commerce, having an efficient cloud-based WMS isn’t just a choice; it’s a necessity. By selecting the right cloud warehouse management system, you can improve order and inventory accuracy, minimize manual labor costs, and streamline logistics. 

Implementing with right 3PLNext Software can make a significant difference by leading the pack. This platform offers an outstanding range of features for e-commerce companies, seamless integration, and unparalleled customer service. It provides a user-friendly operating system for handling complex warehouse operations with ease.

Thinking of upgrading your existing system or want to automate your e-commerce warehouse operations for the first time?

Start with 3PLNext warehouse management today!

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