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3PLNext is top of the line warehouse management and fulfilment solution in the logistics industry. We aid businesses in expanding their outreach to new markets and deliver the best customer experiences globally though our full-service, custom-fitted, high performance, scalable and certified 3PL services.

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The process flow and all activities pertaining to the arrival of goods and storing in the warehouse. 3PLNext intelligently handles shipment and all paperwork involved in documenting the transaction of course without using any paper. Different aspects of the inbound transactions are handled by the system based on the available space in the warehouse, frequency of the SKUs movement and other factors in play.

Configurable Workflow

Every company does it differently. Maybe it is policy to pick-pack-and-ship process the same day as order approval. Whatever policy you want to adhere or adopt, the system enables it. Rules facilitate the auto creation of inbound receiving, shipping and assigns the most relevant tasks to the warehouse employees. What doesn’t apply to you, you can simple skip.

Goods Receipt Note (GRN)

The system generates a unique number allotted to the receiving process of every receipt. The system according to the workflow process physical verification of goods in terms of quantity, quality and pricing with respect to the raised PO. GRN is the basis of payment to the vendor. 3PLNext processes GRN on handheld device as well as on the web. The system caters to the needs of the transporter by expediting the process of receiving the goods. A common practice of ”Two step GRN” can be enabled. In-depth verification and tallying invoice and PO and number of units like rolls or cartons. Then a proof of delivery with GRN number is given to transporter. Then rest of GRN process can be carried out in second step.

Batch Management

3PLNext system can club different items to be picked in one picking list to minimize the administration and information flow delay. Batch size is managed by the items size and the order detail. The controlling enables identifiers such as batch numbers, lot numbers, serial numbers, production dates or expiration dates. Batch management in 3PLNext helps track where every single item in a batch went. It can help you recall knowing exactly who to contact and who is in possession of particular or affected stock. In system settings you can enable to allow you to pick different stock based on unique fields.


3PLNext putaway process involves more than just transporting inventory from Point A to Point B. In alignment with lean warehouse management, optimal putaway involves quick and frictionless transport of inventory while optimally utilizing stock inventory for convenient retrieval. 3PL facilitates all three ways to putaway; fixed location, dynamic and direct. With a fixed-location approach to putaway, 3PLNext assigns specific storage space to be used for specific types of inventory at all times. It will enable to designate certain storage areas for products with certain characteristics. 3PLNext also works with dynamic approach to putaway, focusing on storing incoming inventory in the most convenient spot possible (for both storage and retrieval). This works in conjunction with FEFO. Dynamic putaway is ideal when the majority of your inventory is relatively similar in terms of size, weight, and other physical characteristics. Lastly 3PLNext also caters to Direct putaway where goods are immediately transported to final location in your warehouse instead of being placed in storage, as you prepare for delivery as soon as product arrives. Our system eliminates touchpoints and unnecessary movement of inventory ensuring smooth hand off for delivery.


3PLNext is a scalable system that is ready to serve e-commerce and global logistics processes. An increasingly diverse range of products has to be stored and retrieved faster than ever before. Time , cost and space-optimized storage is thus becoming ever more crucial to the success of companies the world over. The system has built-in definitions for pallet, small parts or narrow-aisle warehouses – our automatic storage systems combine the utmost efficiency with optimum space utilization. The employees will be guided by the system to the correct location for stacking. The stack location shall be determined by a number of factors configured into the system. Common method of storing stock is floor pallet stacking or block stacking. 3PLNext ensures stock is managed, distributed amongst the provided space based on load strength, load weight, stability, pallet conditions, safety height limits, weather conditions etc. Lanes are created to ensure access to the different stock keeping units (SKUs).


The first benefit of following the FEFO method is that it allows you to guarantee product quality. That. in turn, leads to another benefit – customer satisfaction and a boost in reputation. 3PLNext following the FEFO method ensures that you sell these products either by their sell-by date or before. The system alerts of nearing expiry dates warning you to pay attention before it becomes bad/dead stock. By using 3PLNext you can reduce the cost of stock expiring on your shelf, the cost of the damage to your brand image and the cost of customer returns.


The process flow and all activities that result in goods shipment from checking out of the warehouse are managed by 3PLNext efficiently. The warehouse employees are provided with all variables in run time that enable them to pick up the right stock from the right bin and the right location. In short using 3PLNext would ensure you to attain higher perfect order rate.

Order Management

User can configure purchase order and sales order through multiple systems like e-commerce, and direct orders. Information of real-time stock is made available at various locations such as factory, warehouse and distributors at the time of placing order. Our clients can use this application to issue the sales order or purchase order and approver can use this app to approve the order. Real-time stock availability at various locations when placing orders can be checked. Order can also be tracked. Order status is visible with different color codes.


3PLNext system can be plugged in with your existing eCommerce platforms like platforms Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, Daraz. Extensions are available for the marketplaces. Interfacing with delivery vendors is also part of the system. At the moment you can interface with TCS, Leopards, TPL, Blue Ex, Call Courier, MNP, Trackify. Interfacing with Sales & Invoicing system can also be linked via Quick Books as enabled by our system. Order status is pushed to your website enabling you to have real time insight into your sales figures. 3PLNext is robust enough to pull order from your online store. Our system provides multi-channel integration where inventory for specific SKU is updated on multiple outlets. Catalog management is done by 3PLNext.

Location Directive (Picklist)

3PLNext generates picklists based on incoming orders. They tell the warehouse personnel where to pick items from for a particular order. Picklists are internal documents that are digital and not visible to the customer. The system tracks two fields in a picking list for the quantity of each product and how many actually have been picked so far. The potential for human error is greatly minimized by 3PLNext pick lists accountability. The system checks for picker to sign indicating they verified that all the products pulled match products indicated on the pick list. In a case where a product couldn’t be picked for some reason, this signature also indicates an acknowledgment of any discrepancy. 3PLNext ensures the picker should never be the person who performs the final “Checked By” audit of the order before it’s packaged and sent to the customer. A two-employee check system greatly reduces any chance for errors.

Inventory Control

Clients and customers can be confident they’re simply ordering products with availability as 3PLNext is integrating stock levels in real time. If products are out of inventory, you may display when it will be available so that customers can plan accordingly. Reorders also can be efficiently managed if data is constantly up to date and available bout the highest selling costs and products. This can have the advantage of freeing up warehousing cost and space.


Manual and obsolete processes can greatly hinder the efficiency of the shipping processes in warehouse management. 3PLNext provides with tracking and labelling of products for better identification while they move through the premises. Product identification becomes significantly fast hence increasing the picking time. Labels are printed that have secure information of order type, quantity, customer address information etc. The label is generated in collaboration with the assigned courier company. The delivery van personnel upon arrival at warehouse would be digitally ‘aware’ of what awaits them to be picked and shipped. Automated gate pass is generated by 3PLNext system that marks the inventory ‘OUT’ of the warehouse once the courier takes it out of the warehouse.

Customer Testimonials

All thanks to 3PLNext’s agency for aiding us successfully in achieving brand affinity by quickly and effectively responding to our custom demands. A 5-star experience working with their team who listen well and confidently produce desirable results.

PetsOne | CEO Wayne Enterprises.

3PLNext has really put in maximum effort in helping us sort through our warehouse automated software requirements. Their team provided excellent support in managing our eCommerce fulfillment and customer orders effectively.

Head of eCommerce – Leopard Courier.

3PLNext services are next level and are amazingly quite affordable. Extremely satisfied with their assistance in helping me automate my warehouse management. We are now processing 300% more orders i.e. 5000 orders a day. Our product storage and delivery much easier with their remarkable online customer fulfillment modern management software.

Marine Park | Distribution USA.