What is Batch Picking?

Batch picking, also known as warehouse batch picking or order batch picking. It represents a notably efficient approach to fulfilling orders. Batch picking is an order fulfillment strategy where multiple customer orders are grouped into batches, allowing warehouse workers to pick items for these orders simultaneously during a single pass through the warehouse, improving efficiency and reducing picking time. This method, often used in e-commerce and distribution centers with a high volume of small orders, leverages the power of fulfillment batching. It significantly enhances picking efficiency, reduces labor requirements, and expedites order processing. Embracing warehouse batch picking enables organizations to fulfill orders immediately and improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Why do you need Batch Picking Software?

Enhanced Efficiency

Batch picking, also known as warehouse batch picking, efficiently streamlines order fulfillment. It permits the simultaneous processing of multiple customer orders, effectively enhancing productivity by grouping orders for fulfillment.

Improved Order Accuracy

By utilizing fulfillment batching, which involves grouping orders and picking items collectively, batch picking substantially reduces errors in order fulfillment. This precision significantly improves overall customer satisfaction.

Faster Order Processing

Warehouse batch picking speeds up order processing, leading to shorter turnaround times and guaranteeing timely deliveries to their clientele.

Enhanced Resource Allocation

Efficiently allocating labor and resources becomes seamless with batch picking, driving cost savings and elevating operational efficiency within your warehouse.

What 3PL Next Batch Picking Software Can Do For You?

3PLNext’s Batch Picking software streamlines your order fulfillment process, making it a breeze to manage warehouse batch picking and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Batch Picking streamlines the simultaneous processing of multiple customer orders, boosting productivity with fulfillment batching.

Batch Picking, which involves consolidating orders and collecting items simultaneously, reduces errors and ensures precise order fulfillment in warehouse batch picking.

Speed up order processing, shorten turnaround times, and guarantee fast deliveries to customers by implementing Batch Picking.

Efficiently allocate labor and resources with Batch Picking, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency in order batch picking.


What else 3PL Next Batch Picking Offers You?

3PLNext’s Batch Picking solution goes beyond efficient order fulfillment, offering a range of benefits to enhance your warehouse operations and streamline your supply chain.

  • Grouping orders reduces errors for precise fulfillment.

  • Accelerate order processing for prompt deliveries.

  • Optimize labor and resources, saving costs.

  • Tailor Batch Picking to your warehouse and products.

  • Track progress and make adjustments on the go.

  • Easily integrate with existing systems for efficiency.


A Tool Made for Warehouse Management

Picking & Packing

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Improved Accuracy Orders


Do We Take Care of the Whole Warehouse Cycle?

Through 3PLNext’s Warehouse Management System, you can keep an accurate track of your inventory in stock, its location and movement.

3PLNext’s Warehouse Management System helps you track inventory when it moves in and out of the warehouse(s) by streamlining the cumbersome task of keeping an accurate and real time count of inventory even during its movement.

3PLNext effectively helps improve the time and accuracy of the order picking process. It helps track, pick, pack and ship the products against open orders, saving valuable time spent on maintaining inventory accuracy.

With 3PLNext, you can improve the efficiency of your inventory management operations by receiving new inventory into stock and immediately making it available for sale.

With Inventory Management being at the core of your warehousing and ecommerce business, you need a system with reliable control to take stock of every item in your inventory.

3PLNext facilitates you in utilizing warehouses, regions, and bins for detailed and refined inventory tracking.

3PLNext has a safety feature that enables you to verify that your orders are leaving the warehouse safely. It ensures that no unknown orders or labels are exiting the warehouse and reaching your customers.

With 3PLNext’s Kit Assembly feature, it becomes very convenient to assemble multiple items as a package or bundle by making an inventory or individual items as part of a kit.

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